Guangzhou Senke Electronics Co., Ltd.
Founded in 2012, Senke is based on the two core features of information display and human-computer interaction, covering the overall business system of product design, R&D, manufacturing and sales. The company has multiple production bases across the country, located in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Foshan, Dongguan, Hangzhou, Guiyang and other cities, with a total area of ​​nearly 30,000 square meters. In the past ten years, Senke has followed the development of the times, based on the two major advantages of technology research and development and manufacturing, and starting from customer needs, focusing on smart education equipment, smart conference large-screen equipment, industrial computer IPC equipment, smart business display equipment, AI human Face recognition equipment, digital exhibition hall, personalized software customization and other solutions are committed to providing more than 200 series of equipment and supporting application products for various industries. At present, Senke's global online product equipment exceeds 35W sets.
Today's Senke has a mature, complete and forward-looking R&D system. Currently, it has a self-service R&D technical team accounting for 20% of the total number of employees. It has a number of product technology patents and software copyrights. With strong software and hardware innovation and iteration capabilities, the technical team has built strong technical barriers to win the market for Senke, allowing Senke to grow into a high-tech enterprise with independent core technology and one of the national commercial display equipment industry standards.
Senke has an industry brand with six core competitiveness of brand power, innovation power, marketing power, manufacturing power, product power and service power. High-quality products must be equipped with high-quality manufacturing. Relying on the three core cities of Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing, Senke has established a production base serving the whole country. It has more than 30 production and testing equipment and 20 production lines. , has the production capacity of the whole process of product processing, combined with Senke's perfect production process and strict product testing standards, it can quickly deliver high-quality commodity equipment products to global customers. While improving its own production capacity, Senke attaches great importance to the market The construction of standards and qualification certification has obtained many domestic and international authoritative certifications such as high-tech enterprises, 3C, CE, ISO9001, ROHS, FCC, UL, and energy-saving certification.
Senke development history
In 2023
Product + Service Scenario + Ecology Moved to Huge Industrial Park on January 4, the partner mechanism implementation year
In 2022
The Foshan factory was put into production and used Tengyu and Yanke multi-brand operations to build scene brands in subdivided fields
In 2021
Became the exclusive general agent of Dahua Shanghai and won the title of "Annual Economic Growth Enterprise" for the layout of overseas independent stations
In 2020
Expansion of commercial display categories, providing more than 200 series of equipment and supporting products for various industries
In 2019
The self-service terminal factory was put into production, and the existing factory equipment was upgraded
In 2018
ERP system helps management upgrade
In 2017
In southern Guangzhou, Guangzhou Senke Electronics Co., Ltd. was established
In 2016
In northern Beijing, Beijing Senke Commercial Display Technology Co., Ltd. was established
In 2014
Management and service upgrades, strengthening R&D capabilities
In 2012
Shanghai Senke Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established
Senke Qualification Honor
Senke's products and services have been unanimously recognized by the government, testing institutions, and customers. While improving its own products + services, Senke attaches great importance to the construction of market standards and qualification certification, and has obtained high-tech enterprise/3C/CE/ISO9001/RoHS /FCC/UL/energy-saving certification and many other domestic and international authoritative certifications, product performance parameters are in line with national and international standards, laying a solid foundation for Senke products to enter the global market

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